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SLS client in Norway – company SEIE AS – offer work places for nurses in Norway – nursing homes, home care projects and other healthcare institutions. After acquiring knowledge of the Norwegian language and getting employed in the company, it is easy to establish oneself in the Scandinavian health sector, earn a Scandinavian salary and receive all the country’s social guarantees. More about SEIE AS –


– Patient care and interaction with the patients
– Execution of medical and nursing procedures (working in team with nurse assistants)
– Close cooperation with patients’ relatives, doctors and colleagues
– Medical documentation


– College or University degree of nursing or medical school diploma
– Valid GP nurse license
– Working experience (ecperience in surgery, geriatric, therapic, infectious and other hospital units is a big advantage)
– Norwegian language (company organizes language courses to reach B2 language level)
– Ability to make decisions and to quickly and flexibly react to the changing needs of the patient
– Excellent communication skills, a positive attitude, self-confidence and the desire to grow in a field of nursing


– Flexible work / holiday schedule (6/8 weeks in Sweden, 2/4 weeks comming back to home country to rest)
– Scandinavian social guarantees
– Norwegian language courses online
– Flight tickets financed by the company
– Accommodation close to the workplace paid by the company
– Attractive salary 248 NOK – 291 NOK Brutto/h + big bonuses for working night, evening, weekend hours and holiday days:

bonus for working evening and night hours: +NOK 56/hour

bonus for working weekend hours: +53 – 150 NOK/hour

bonus for working on public holidays: +133% of the basic rate

If you would like to be considered for the above position and meet the listed requirements,  please fill “Apply for job” form or contact us by sending your CV to the following address: [email protected]

For more information: +370 618 84659