SLS – Scandinavian Language School

Personnel selection

We select specialists from different European countries to work in any business location.

Language school

We provide specialists with necessary language background in our language school.

Career for nurses

We recruit General Practice Nurses, teach them language and guarantee work places in Norway and Sweden.
The fact that we had an opportunity to work in parallel with both a local teacher and a native Norwegian teacher, had helped a lot in deeply understanding a foreign language. Nurse Ramona / After graduating SLS courses works in Norway

Since I like challenges, I started looking for companies that would help me with both language learning and finding a work place in Norwegian healthcare. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. Then, after a few failed attempts, when all the doors seemed to close, I discovered the SLS (Scandinavian Language School) company, and since then things have started to work out.

About us

Selection and Language services

SLS - Selection and Language Services
SLS - Scandinavian Language School - is a Norwegian origin company that has over 12 years of experience in personnel selection and teaching of Scandinavian languages for a variety of business sectors facing shortages of qualified employees and in need of permanent or temporary placements. Company has already selected, successfully taught foreign languages and offered work places in Sweden and Norway to more than 1500 specialists from Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Spain.

What does it mean for your business?

We find the right people you need, teach them language and take care of further development.

What does it mean for your career?

We build a path to your career by training of the target language and supporting you from selection till arrival to your new place of work.

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What our B2B clients say about SLS courses

By choosing SLS, our clients are choosing a relationship built on our collaborative, open and honest partnering philosophy and our dedication to high-quality delivery.