Nurse Wioleta – SLS

Wioleta talks about her decision to work in Norway

The decision to go to Norway was spontaneous, despite the fact that for some time I had intended to change my life. Such a decision cannot be postponed until a better moment. If a man feels he needs development, he should do so. There will never be a better time than right now. I decided to go to Norway because I am aware that working in Scandinavia is, above all, about prestige and the best salary for a nurse.

The factors that accelerated my decision to go to Scandinavia were, above all, the possibility of receiving a better salary and the desire to develop. I mean, Norwegian here. Besides, in Poland there is still a hierarchy in Healthcare – the most important doctor, and then we – nurses, often underestimated and disrespected. Respect for such hard work is due to us (peasant land) and we do not need to ask for it. We deserve it.

I tried to combine the work of a nurse with the course. I managed to do it up to b1 level. It wasn’t easy and it was a harder time for me. But I am very happy that I managed to survive it and now I am in the place I dreamed of living in Poland.

The course itself did not cause me major problems, although I also had some concerns at the beginning before the course started. For us, Poles, it is something completely new. And when it is unknown, we think it is difficult and unattainable. You just need to spend time learning. And there is nothing to be afraid of.

There is no need to hide, the pandemic has also mixed in this sphere. I was worried about what it would be like to leave, whether the borders would be open to us and what the procedures would be after arriving in a new country. In fact, I flew in early June, I was not in quarantine, but I am vaccinated. I had to do corona virus tests. But it is difficult to predict what will happen next because it changes all the time. This may discourage you a bit from leaving. Despite everything, I emphasize that I have made up my mind and I am. Managed to. There were no obstacles in the place to start work. I started working the next day after my arrival.

I was worried about the first days at work, whether I would be okay. But I was so lucky that I live and work with very nice people, they help me and translate. They are very patient and understanding with me. Obviously, I am writing only from my side. I don’t know what experiences other nurses have and how they see it. He only writes about himself. It is normal to sometimes get confused but it is not so essential or important to write about it. Some people are perhaps more patient, others are not.

He works in a place where there are people from all over the world, in fact. Blend. In general, fear has big eyes at first, you are afraid of people and responsibilities. It takes time to adapt and meet new colleagues.

Norwegian patients are nice and try to be understanding. They very rarely get irritated, and even if they do, I don’t personally relate it to myself. It’s just normal that we’re not always in shape, sometimes we’re in a worse mood like everyone else. The same is true for patients.

Housing conditions are fine for me.

The climate here in Norway suits me best. The years are much milder than ours in Poland. The specificity of the landscape impresses me. There is everything at your fingertips, bay mountains, beautiful landscapes. And peace. Life goes slower and calmer.

The biggest challenge is to understand Norwegian, definitely that. They use different dialects, which doesn’t mean you have to be afraid. I just think of it as a challenge.

Every nurse who decides to start working in Norway should be sure of her decision, resolute. Because the rest of the information is provided by the company that helps to leave. Generally, you should be aware that the Covid situation is very dynamic and needs to be monitored on an ongoing basis. Besides, Norway is very expensive. Living costs must also be taken into account.

Advice? Hmmm, if you’ve been thinking about leaving for some time, but are afraid to take up the challenge, make up your mind. Better to try than to regret it. I do not guarantee that you will be the same as mine. I also don’t live long, maybe 3 months and I’m just writing about what I experienced here until then. Personally, I am very pleased with this decision that I live in Norway. Come girls, many new and good things are ahead of you. Give yourself a chance! Another very wise quote comes to mind – “When you do what is easy, your life will be difficult, when you do what is difficult, your life will be easy”.

See you in Norway! – Wioleta